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We believe in high quality education and care so that each child may reach their full potential. We value working in partnerships with families, open communication, and respect for diversity and inclusive practices.  We support best practice, advocate for and respect the rights of each child and acknowledge that the family is the most important influence on the child’s learning and development. We recognise that young children are both competent and capable and that they learn through play that is supported by intentional teaching, active involvement and supportive, warm relationships. We value the committee that supports the running of the preschool. We strive for an open, honest and respectful relationship with all parties involved in the operation of the preschool.

As educators we strive to:

  • provide a happy, safe and secure environment
  • acknowledge the unique quality of each family and encourage respectful and reciprocal relationships
  • be a community of learners where the curriculum incorporates the National Early Years Learning Framework
  • provide stimulating play based experiences  to enhance children’s development, thoughts, decisions and values
  • provide an environment that models positive behaviour and  reflects an understanding, respect and appreciation of other people’s rights, responsibilities, needs and feelings to assist children in managing and self-regulating their own feelings and emotions
  • recognise the diversity of cultures and provide opportunities for all children to learn about and respect other cultures as well as their own
  • provide equal opportunities and inclusive practices
  • nurture a love of the land, be environmentally friendly and incorporate sustainable practices
  • commit to ongoing learning, professional development, self-improvement and reflective practice
  • forge links with the wider community including schools, local council, and surrounding rural communities

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